Volunteers: Two Times Two Equals
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 8/16/01 6:47 p.m.

This will be my last Volunteering for a week or so, I'm moving back to college.

This level is very tricky, in the complexity, not sheer brute force, sort of way. There are a ton of little places where carelessness will lead to death. Falling into the slime in the first drop down to the pattern buffer. Falling into the slime by bouncing off the angled door to the 2x recharger. Falling into the slime by not stopping at various hairpin turns. This is one of the more difficult Pfhor levels, made moreso by the complex layout. It took me quite a while to figure out where to go next, the first time through.

Not much to do here... Run around, kill the Pfhor, fall in the slime, run around, kill the Pfhor, find the exit. Unlike most levels, it's easy to find the exit and hard to complete the objective (explore), made even harder by the randomly spawned Enforcers and Fighters roaming the hallways. The ability to fly with the flamethrower or alien weapon is quite valuable here, and saved my life several times when a low frame rate caused my to miss a jump (grumble).

Somewhere in the Story Page, speculation is made as to the purpose of this level; the theory is that the Pfhor have intercepted us and tried to trap us in the ship. I doubt this, as Durandal also gave us the order to kill everything we see, and as we learn later Durandal appears to forgot about Strauss at this point. I think that Durandal concluded that Strauss was dead at the end of Unpfhorgiven, and decided not to waste a good trip to the Pfhor ship without some carnage. Also, this might have been some critical area of the Pfhor ship that is unrecognizable to human eyes. There's a lot of that slime, which seems related to the mysterious Pfhor egg, but that can wait until Ain't Got Time Pfhor This ;).

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