Volunteers: Unpfhorgiven
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 8/15/01 7:07 p.m.

It seems lonely here... Is anyone else still doing this Volunteers stuff? :)

A very difficult level, both to vid and play normally. The motion tracker no longer gives you advance warning of ambushes, and you are forced to rely on sound and vision. This level is very complex and twisty as well, not to mention dark.

First stop, after going to the left from the entrance, is the prison. Something about trapped monsters grinds OS X to a halt, so I had to kill all the Bobs. There's more invisible Lookers and Wasps as well, showing that they did come along with the Pfhor and striking a blow to any theory that they may be vermin on the Marathon, which I believe was proposed once (and if not, I hereby suggest it now, and shoot it down myself. Back to square one...)

Next stop: The lab. Marathon takes a turn for the darker as it becomes evident that the Pfhor are not just capturing and killing humans, they are... experimenting on them. Don't forget to rendezvous with the sole free Bob on the level; he's usually around the turn at the end of the laboratory area. On this run he was somehow still alive, your presence wakes up all the monsters and he gets killed in the fracas. A born on board survivor.

Why do the Wasps seem to be with the comatose Bobs when you enter the lab? Hmm...

After the lab is a series of corridors that lead to the level's only pattern buffer- guarded by a major Hunter.

There is one major secret on the level. A secret door directly north of the slime bridge room leads around to a place where a platform goes up and down in the middle of a very deep pit of slime. Jumping across this will net you a pattern buffer and a 3x recharger, although getting back out of the room will inevitably cost some health, leaving you (if you're good) at about 275% health. Is it just me or does the alien goo hurt more than lava?

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