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Posted By: William SpencerDate: 7/30/01 5:30 p.m.

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The last room on this level must be the "Super Mega Carnage Room" that you're supposed to empty your clip before entering. I actually got fragged for the first time in this excursion here - because I made the mistake of walking straight in and following the ledge.

Oops. Okay, dive down there, on the floor, keep moving, keep dodging, keep circling, keep firing. Blast those aliens, get'em to blast each other. The first really BIG battle in the game, and probably not the last.

This is another level that almost but not quite seems like it could be, maybe, a real place, but then fails to do so. The maze at the beginning could conceivably be some sort of series of access conduits...and maybe the big rooms at the end could be water reservoirs, if there was water in M1? They are reminiscent of the big tanks that appear in the later games...On the other hand, this thought could've been put into my head by the fact that I think of the room with the blue inset floor the "swimming pool room".

Very nice lighting effects. Like the music. Some good ambushes, and some not so good ones.

The CRIST terminal gives a good foundation in the world of Marathon - this isn't a happy, optimistic Star Trek world where Earth unites to send people off to cheerfully populate the void, it's a dark and dirty world where contractors and politicians scheme and struggle with an unhappy public. Makes you wonder what kind of missions a U.E. Marine is expected to participate in. Lots of "crowd control" or "peace keeping" missions, I bet. No wonder we shoot BOBs all the time - force of habit.

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