Re: More Volunteers -- Couch Fishing
Posted By: Hamish SinclairDate: 7/30/01 11:40 a.m.

In Response To: More Volunteers -- Couch Fishing (7revor Smith)

: I'm not sure, but wouldn't it be possible to complete this level without
: triggering any of the switches? Otherwise, you'd have to restart once you
: reached the end terminal (you can't go back through the door).

Interesting point. You only actually need to activate one of the three switches to successfully complete this level (see the Marathon Vidmasters' page for which one). But you're right about not being able to go back through the door if you fail to stop it closing. So if you didn't activate any switch you'd have to restart the game. Of course you'd have to be a right wally not to activate any switch but the possibility is there. I guess Jason Jones never thought people would do this. Good point.


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