More Volunteers -- Couch Fishing
Posted By: 7revor SmithDate: 7/30/01 10:34 a.m.

This level starts out with some depressed-feeling music, set for Leela's message about Durandal (and rampancy is a bad thing?).

This level reminds me more of a "playplace" down at McDonnalds, but I guess they weren't shooting for construction here, huh?

Lots of ammo to pick up here (I've been using my fists, so I'm already maxed-out), and we'll need it for the end (unless you like kissing the floor), and not to mention our new enemies, the troopers.

Reading the CRIST terminal gives us an explanation about the name of the level (a tether and reel...), and that the Marathon was built around a planet (we hadn't heard that until this point).

Our first encounter with the troopers is humorous at best. One of them tried to fire a grenade at me, but hit the fighter right in front of hime, killing himself and the fighter. Reminds me of those stupid dorfs from Myth.

I'm not sure, but wouldn't it be possible to complete this level without triggering any of the switches? Otherwise, you'd have to restart once you reached the end terminal (you can't go back through the door).

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