Volunteers -- Defend THIS!
Posted By: 7revor SmithDate: 7/29/01 9:20 a.m.

This level—unlike Never Burn Money—didn't really look real. While NBM was non-linear, this level was simply a guantlet. What it lost in linearity, it made up for with texturing, which stood far above the other three levels.

One of the thingss that lowers the fun factor abit, is the excessive use of puzzles. While maybe one or two would be okay, this level went past that. It would have been somewhat better if the first puzzle wasn't so... abstract. A crushing platform with a secret door for an exit. What the hell kind of puzzle is that?

Oddly enough, the crushing platform didn't go off when I entered—I had to grenade-hop through the door.

The ammo cache was nice, although I was already about full (by the end of the level, I had max pistol/ar clips and grenades). Quite useful for that @#$%ing bridge you're about to encounter.

Then, you find a compiler reading a terminal about rampancy. This was about the time that Durandal had made contact with the Pfhor, right? Was the compiler reading about rampancy because they detected that he (Durandal) was rampant, or was it just to explain rampancy to the player (Leela tells us tht Durandal has become rampant on the next level)?

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