S'pht in the Stargate universe
Posted By: RalphNumbersDate: 1/22/03 6:52 p.m.

Has anyone noticed all of the connections between Marathon, and Stargate SG1.

There are a bunch of, somewhat truncated marathon symbols on the stargate itself.
But far more importantly, on the planet with the 'rosetta stone' of alien languages, the language of the ancients appears, and it seems to be written in S'pht!

My personal theory is that the S'pht'Kr spent alot of the time they wern't arround in the Marathon universe in the Stargate universe. As the Jjaro once uplifted them, they nudged along some of the species native to the Stargate-verse.

Here's a pic of that 'rosetta stone' to compare to the borders here:

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