Colony Ship for Sale, Cheap
Posted By: mnemesisDate: 6/21/01 7:56 a.m.

Unlike (apparently) nearly everyone else in the physical universe, I liked this level, so I thought I'd transcribe it.

Level #: 19 13
Level Name: big stairway puzzle "Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap)"
Author: Jason
Collection: Jason
Environment: normal
What monsters:


Computer Terminals:

[boxed: ENTRY] Durandal
Starts talking about how freedom and slavery [^individuality].
Term1 - Bernhard logs
Term2 - Text on Marathon's Armaments
- Add stuff About Mads

-metaphor of the
He was just let

[boxed: EXIT] Back to Business at hand -> War
NEXT LEVEL WILL Determine how aliens are getting on
board. -Mission to send off Compilers so Durandal
can attack them seperately

Durandal has been in contact w/ compilers (through Tycho?)
THey have entered into a symbiotic relationship wherein
Durandal becomes more stable

Heh. "big stairway puzzle" ;)


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