learning mapping: my strategy
Posted By: Tilo ProbstDate: 6/6/02 4:50 a.m.

In Response To: pfhorte (dangermouse)

My two pence on how to learn advanced Marathon map editing within one week.

1) use Forge. get Hex! for terminal texts. forget ALEPH ONE.

2) Don`t read theForge manual in the Infinity manual. There are a lot of mistakes in it and it`s confusing to read for map making beginners.

3) learn the basics of Forge by watching the VIDEOS from the Infinity CD-ROM. That way you learn the very basics AND get used to the interface!

4) try to recreate exactly what you have seen in the videos. Voila- you know who to create a simple map WITHIN TWO HOURS

5) to get used to good SOLO PLAY download conversion (Marathon EVIL, RED, Rubicon). To learn about netplay download maps by RANDALL SHAW from the Archives.

6) learn the more advanced tricks from HASTUR`s WORKSHOP. A mirror can be found at the BATTLE CATS website. I don`t know about alternative mirrors.

7) After about some week, REPEAT: ONE WEEK, you have learned exactly what I needed two years for to learn.

- Tilo Probst

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