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Posted By: Still ThinkingDate: 3/14/02 5:41 p.m.

In Response To: Bonus Mystery Games (Vid Boi)

: I was just sitting here looking at my Trilogy Box, when I noticed this text
: on the back!

: (What's in the box)

: "Marathon Collectibles
: A mix of must-haves for the true Marathon aficionado: the Marathon Sticker
: Set, early betas of Marathon, and a few bonus mystery games not availible
: anywhere else."

: Well correct me if I'm wrong, but the games included in the Trilogy Box are:
: Marathon (Listed on the back)
: Marathon 2: Durandal (Listed on the back)
: Marathon Infinity (Listed on the back)
: Marathon Betas (Listed on the back)
: Pathways Into Darkness (Listed on the back)
: Gnop! (Not listed on the back)

: The ones listed on the back can clearly not be "bonus mystery
: games." But Gnop! is merely A mystery GAME, and not A FEW mystery
: GAMES! Is this a pretty large error by Bungie, or were there originally
: more than one bonus mystery game in the box? Or is Mosaic there, only I
: haven't found it?

: By the way, I found my scrapbook. It was behind a couple of game boxes. Not
: the trilogy box. That one has a shelf of its own. =)

I know of another game.While in the main window of the Trilogy CD, choose "Clean up" from the view window (I think apple changed that in a more recent OS) and now try to rearrange the BoB image back to it's original form!

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