Bonus Mystery Games
Posted By: Vid BoiDate: 3/10/02 12:14 p.m.

I was just sitting here looking at my Trilogy Box, when I noticed this text on the back!

(What's in the box)

"Marathon Collectibles
A mix of must-haves for the true Marathon aficionado:
the Marathon Sticker Set, early betas of Marathon, and a few bonus mystery games not availible anywhere else."

Well correct me if I'm wrong, but the games included in the Trilogy Box are:

Marathon (Listed on the back)
Marathon 2: Durandal (Listed on the back)
Marathon Infinity (Listed on the back)
Marathon Betas (Listed on the back)
Pathways Into Darkness (Listed on the back)
Gnop! (Not listed on the back)

The ones listed on the back can clearly not be "bonus mystery games." But Gnop! is merely A mystery GAME, and not A FEW mystery GAMES! Is this a pretty large error by Bungie, or were there originally more than one bonus mystery game in the box? Or is Mosaic there, only I haven't found it?

By the way, I found my scrapbook. It was behind a couple of game boxes. Not the trilogy box. That one has a shelf of its own. =)

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