Re: Remember Duality? Doubleaught, and more?
Posted By: Steve CampbellDate: 11/24/01 2:05 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Remember Duality? Doubleaught, and more? (Miguel Chavez)

: Nope. That never happened. It never got that far along.

A few did get a working engine that was able to give them a few levels. (few == those working on the game) I do know that "sandbox" was working and I am not for sure that "toybox" was implemented.

Those that made levels, at that time, made some very unique and startling maps. But, then again, for it's time, it was pretty good.

Who still has the stickers, flyers and folders that Double Aught made. Hmm , there were the Duality Business Cards too.
(not to mention the actual gaming files).

This Duality subject just keeps coming up ...very cool!


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