Remember Duality? Doubleaught, and more?
Posted By: Person1Date: 11/23/01 4:23 p.m.

Remember Duality?

You know that game that was supposed to be created by doubleaught? by the company went under?

and back in the old days in the Marathon forums and agm, duality was taking up the entire subject, and there were people saying marathon was going to die, and duality was the new game that was supposed to be made by Greg K? but other people said marathon is not going to die. And some people said Daulity would be a kick ass game, and everyone got excited about it? and duality was supposed to be this game that was supposed to come out in 2000 but never did. and people kept raving about Duality, but the page was slowing up on its updates, then updating like crazy, until it went under?

That really sucked. I was anticipating Duality...
Didn't many people pre-order their copy of the game?

what where some of those quote again...
"The life of a creature is in blood, it washes away the past, pour it into the ground like water"

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