Re: OT MSN (was Re: 7th Column)
Posted By: whocaresDate: 11/15/01 6:41 a.m.

In Response To: OT MSN (was Re: 7th Column) (Dan Aris)

Yeah, there is a JavaScript command that only returns a string, and IE doesn't return anything to that command, but Netscape does to tell the two apps apart.

...browsername)!="Netscape" then {
write.alert("You can't enter, ya bum.")
return 0

HTML is HTML, and Java is Java. Only some small Netscape commands are not understandable to IE, but I don't think IE with MSN would do that without, like some flash script, or something that Netscape would still be able to execute.

Competition can get ugly, and discusting. Microshoft should appologize for that bulls- oh never mind.

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