OT MSN (was Re: 7th Column)
Posted By: Dan ArisDate: 11/14/01 5:44 p.m.

In Response To: Re: 7th Column (Djof)

: MSN is not accessible by non IE user because it use a file standard not
: supported by Netscape. It's all up to Netscape to support it.

No. This is absolutely false. MSN was blocking browsers based on what they reported that they were. A browser can announce to a page what it is, if the page asks, and some browsers, specifically open-source browsers like Opera and Mozilla, can announce that they are IE or Netscape. I took OmniWeb to the site, it said "no", I changed OmniWeb's preferences to say that it was IE 5, and it displayed just fine. It has no tags in it that any ordinary browser can't read, Microsoft is only trying to force everyone to use their software.

Dan Aris

The Real Tru7th

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