Re: Volunteers: Beware of Abandoned Rental Trucks
Posted By: Steve CampbellDate: 11/3/01 7:00 a.m.

In Response To: Volunteers: Beware of Abandoned Rental Trucks (Mark Levin)

Although I love this game..and enjoyed every poly of it, I never understood the timing of the name of this level, this game and the incident that took place here where I live.

To date, I still wonder Bungie's idea behind the name of this level.

I work a mere 1.5 blocks from the memorial of that solemn place and I would always hope that this level was an identifier of just a great level in a great game.


What a great game it was!


: This level is... strange. It's completely flooded with green slime, it has
: architecture with no clear purpose, it has strange caverns and stairs and
: two towers at the far end. The plot indicates that it's some sort of
: important S'pht machine, a transmitter that will recall the eleventh clan
: in times of need.

: The start of the level presents you with a neat home base: A pattern buffer,
: a 2x recharger, and several terminals, all with the same mysterious
: message: Your humans are safe but what are you?

: The Enforcers on this level hate the Flick'ta nearly as much as you, so
: bezerk them at every opportunity. Beware of teleporting cyborgs when going
: around the main square area. At the north end, head into the deepest
: (extending furthest south) corner and look for one of the oddest secrets
: in the game, a huge room full of floating ammo. I'm not going to actually
: take this stuff, because it throws off the balance horribly, you can
: usually get a full load for every weapon by the time you get out.

: In the northwest corner is your first objective: A platform leads up to an
: underground tunnel system filled with monsters. There are several platoons
: that teleport in in different areas, so be careful not to trigger them
: while fighting. In here is a switch that opens another door on the level.
: At the south side of the level is a strange cave with nothing but a spiral
: staircase and a ton of Flick'ta (and Enforcers).

: The southwest corner holds the key to the end of the level. In here, past
: some tough monsters, are a pair of towers with switches at the top. Push
: both of these and report back to any terminal for beamout. Be careful when
: climbing around the south tower; it's possible to jump out of the
: second-floor window and into the courtyard below, dropping you into one of
: the very few suicide traps in the game.

: There's another secret on this level, but one that doesn't appear in the game
: (any more). In one Marathon 2 screenshot, taken on this level, a Cyborg is
: observed to be bleeding red blood. This ties into a possible explanation
: for the Cyborgs discussed in the Scrapbook: They would be captured Bobs
: attached to machines, a crude Pfhor imitation of mechanically-enhanced
: human soldiers such as yourself.

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