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Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 10/24/01 3:17 p.m.

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: This is a fun level, and I agree that the first ambush is the hardest. My
: biggest problem is that i'm too good at conserving ammo.

I think the problem is that by now we're just too good :) You play something for five years, eventually you learn the weapons so well that you never waste ammo or use an inefficient weapon for a situation, and you get good enough at movement and aiming that you hardly ever miss a shot. The game simply wasn't calibrated for players with our kind of experience, even on TC. Of course the ultimate extension of this is being able to play the game with zero ammo used, which I believe has actually been done (Paging Dr. Sumner...)

Also, by now a good player has found every single secret on every level already passed, which would throw a lot of extra ammo and weapons into the mix anyway.

: PS Where do you find the TOTZ? I've only found it on Requiem for a cyborg and
: Feel the noise. There was lots of ammo for it in this level, but I didn't
: get to use any of it :(

Sorry Don't Make It So. It's noted in my post for that level, if you want more details.

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