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: Durandal is on the ropes, and you're right there with him. Tycho has won the
: battle, and Durandal must ensure that you and your humans can win the war.
: This level is a set of 8 simple puzzles, made interesting by tons and tons
: of powerful monsters.

: Surviving the opening ambush is the trickiest part, as trying to retreat from
: one pack of enemies invariably triggers another to teleport in. Don't
: forget to check out the terminal, for Durandal's last instructions in this
: life. There's a TON of ammo out here, but that's all you get.

: Each puzzle opens a circuit in the central room for you to smash, which will
: let you into the next stage. Most puzzles also contain extra elements that
: will help you on your quest.

: The first puzzle consists of a zigzag path over a deep slime pool, filled
: with monsters. It is one of several such puzzles on this level. It also
: has a 3x recharger.

: The second puzzle is a maze of teleporters, one of two on the level. It has a
: pattern buffer near the switch.

: The third puzzle is a bit more interesting. The switch is high up on a nearby
: wall, and there is a platform in the slime. You must jump down to the
: platform, ride it up to the switch, shoot it, and then jump back to the
: path. This is made more difficult by a posse of Enforcers that appears on
: the ledge when you jump off. Be careful if you plan to attack them as soon
: as they teleport in; firing weapons in midair will usually make you miss
: the jump and land in the slime. Bear in mind also while dodging on the
: platform that the Enforcers can shoot the switch that controls it, sending
: you up before you are ready.

: The fourth puzzle is a switch hidden underneath slime, one of two on the
: level. Getting out of the room requires hitting a second partially
: submerged switch near the door. Smashing the circuit revealed by this
: switch will disconnect the 3x charger in the first puzzle, so top off your
: tanks before you do so.

: The fifth puzzle has a 2x charger, and yet another passage over slime.
: Approaching the switch will trigger a second ambush, as well as a Hunter
: who teleports in right on top of you.

: The sixth puzzle has the only Mother of All Hunters to be found on the level,
: blocking your path. The best way to deal with him is to put a rocket on
: the ground just in front of him and slightly to the left or right; the
: blast will throw him into the slime and you can forget about him. The
: puzzle is the same as number 3.

: The seventh puzzle has a large ambush getting their teleportation coordinates
: slightly wrong ;) It also has the last pattern buffer of the level, and a
: switch hidden quite deep under a pool of slime.

: The eight puzzle is the last teleporter maze, and this one has much more
: monsters than the first one. It also has a gloating message from Tycho,
: telling you that the battle is over.

: When you smash the last circuit Durandal dies, his defenses drop, and Tycho
: teleports you... elsewhere. However, if you keep moving, the
: automatic-exit polygons can't lock on to you and you can wander the empty
: wreckage of Boomer . Durandal's death has cut off most of the power; the
: only lights still working are the red corridors leading to the puzzles,
: the mysterious blue thingie in puzzle 5, the (radioactive?) Pfhor slime,
: and, strangely, the pattern buffer in puzzle 7. Use it, then head back to
: any point in the circuit room to get Captured.

Accidently pressed post messge

This is a fun level, and I agree that the first ambush is the hardest. My biggest problem is that i'm too good at conserving ammo. I'm not quite sure how I do this since I kill everything I see and rarly avoid battle. An example: after collecting the ammo around the core (and killing everything there) I had 46 MA-75 clips, 23 granade clips, 57 pistol clips, and 26(!) SPNKR clips. I usually conserve shotgun ammo too, but I decided to use some of it in previous levels and boy, it goes down really fast! Its wuite annoying that you lose all your ammo, and health for the next level, but I suppose it cant be helped.

PS Where do you find the TOTZ? I've only found it on Requiem for a cyborg and Feel the noise. There was lots of ammo for it in this level, but I didn't get to use any of it :(

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