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: I would have rather had him mock me the whole time :)
: He was damn funny, IMHO.

He DOES keep mocking you; it just gets more subtle.

Durandal is probably the greatest character Bungie has ever written, IMO. When we first meet him in Marathon he's a raving lunatic sending us to our doom. By M2 he's calmed down a little, but then there's bits like that whole thing with "Tycho accused me of being sarcastic and I didn't talk to him for seven years" - note for a moment that you are stranded on an alien world lightyears from home with Durandal as your only chance of escape - "YOU don't think I'm sarcastic, do you?" Gee, Durandal, to be perfectly honest with you...

But all along, he's got this great intellectual, spiritual air about him; the contemplation of the candels in Colony Ship For Sale, things like that. In Infinity, faced with immenant doom repeatedly in alternate timelines, we see him at his worst - and really, his best. He grows up very quickly when he realized the universe is about to be destroyed by an uncontrollable being of chaos and that he is NOT GOD. He's humbled, and finally, in the end, becomes truely enlightened.

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