one possible answer...
Posted By: MojoDate: 9/28/01 2:13 p.m.

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I think the most likely reason that he says that in all of its non-grammatically-correct-ness is that it is a refference to pop-culture. Durandal is known to taunt us and joke with us (in a malicious sort of way). The whole 'shotgun and you ain't got one' thing is a refference to a parody of "This Land is My Land," if you didn't already know. I heard this first in 3rd grade, and while there has been much discussion as to where it orriginated, frankly, i don't think it is really all that important. The important thing is that it is a refference or an allusion, if you will. So while Durandal would normally be as gramatically correct as possible, if he is going to quote something or possibly make an allusion to something, he is not to be credited for the gramatical errors of the source material.

So basically, there's your answer. Maybe someone who is not as verbose can put it into better terms... I've never been one for being succinct.

hope that helps,

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