Re: PID shape cataloging
Posted By: Speaker-To-AnimalsDate: 10/8/03 5:23 p.m.

In Response To: Re: PID shape cataloging (Mark Levin)

: Well, let's see... ;)

: This is based on the original TIFF collection posted here, I didn't use the
: new dumper.

: The first unusual thing to notice is that the potions do not use pallette
: shifts. Collection 128 bitmaps 16 through 19 (the potions) could have been
: stored in much less space. The two rings, however, and the two keys, are
: *not* identical images, so they could not have been stored as pallette
: shifts. Upon further inspection, the "style" field seems to
: indicate a pallette shift; this is used for the monsters and scenery but,
: as above, mysteriously not for the potions or crystals.

I wasn't exactly thinking of those, but OK ;)

I remember there being a few unused walls with things like polka-dot patterns and bones on them.

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