Volunteers -- The Rose, Vidmaster's Oath, more...
Posted By: GrasshopperDate: 7/31/01 2:19 p.m.

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: I was trying to save them and, *sigh*, I saved 5. When at the pistil I was
: blocked by two blue fighters while a purple one massacred bobs. Oh well,
: its not like they were gonna live anyway.

: Ketchup bug? I'm playin the M1A1 demo so I dont think I'll get that.

What's the ketchup bug? I'm also playing the M1A1 demo, so I doubt I'll get it, but I don't recall any bugs in the original. Ketchup bug sounds cool though...

Aahhhhh, The Rose. I'm going to go out on a limb here, and write a bit about the level before I even complete it. The first time around, TR wasn't extremely difficult, except maybe toward the end. The next few times around, things got harder for two reasons. First because I was now playing on TC, but more importantly because I tried to save the BOBs, which brings up an interesteing point which was raised some time ago at Evichra, and which I'm going to raise again here. Do you kill BOBs or try to save them? (Not just in the Rose, but in general, i.e. M2/Infinity) Most folks, IIRC, said that they generally tried to save them (especially in M2/MI where they can be quite useful), but that in a Net game situation, if a BOB got in the way, they'd plow through him. Also, when short on ammo, BOBs are of course a walking armory. There were a few extremes, with some folks never letting a single BOB escape alive, thus respecting the Vidmaster's Oath to the law. (I can already hear Hamish quoting Page 15 of the Marathon manual.) :-) Well, I am one who belongs to the other extreme, where I will do anything and everything in my power to save a BOB. As a result, the Rose is, for me anyway, one of the most difficult levels to complete in M1 (along with BBQ of course), and one which begins at a totally frantic pace. The moment I teleport, I'm SPRINTING down to the right, opening the "courtyard" door, and letting the AR rip, both triggers firing pretty much the whole time except when I'll charge a hulk or a fighter so that he hits _me_, and not a BOB. So far, the best I've ever done at the starting point of the Rose is to save five BOBS (on TC). This time around, after about ten attempts, the best I've done is to save _one_ BOB. Unnaceptable. Try Again. ::smirk::

Anyway -- lots of good things to look forward to in this level, couple of good terms, two secret rooms (right?), a second pistol, and of course, the Durandal secret term "it was I who lead them here..." But I gotta get at least three or four of those BOBs to survive first! How are folks doing on ammo? BEFORE starting the Rose, I'm at about 34 Magnum, and 36 AR clips. And Sidoh is right -- those later levels (especially BBQ), are big time ammo suckers.


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