little quibble over time
Posted By: Dan JohnsonDate: 4/30/02 10:24 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Has Max Payne been to the "PID" Pyrimid? (Hamish Sinclair)

From my understanding of Bullet Time in the Matrix is that it is the slowing
: down of time (the film) to show the fast reactions of the Agents etc. So
: we see the bullets in slow motion and how easily the Agents dodge them.

This is minor at best, but I feel it necessary in light of the intellectual integrity of this site. This description of Bullet time is seemingly accurate from the viewpoint of the viewer of the film. However, Time itself is not slowing, because the thoughts and perceptions of the viewer and, arguably, the participants, do not slow proportionally with their physical manifestations. We see things slowing down, and we can plan our actions more effectively due to our, relatively-speaking, time-enhanced perceptions.

If time itself were to slow, it would follow that our perceptions and thoughts would also slow. This shift in the speed of time would not be perceptible to us, as we are participating in time. It's difficult for me to conceive of anybody I know or might know not participating in time as I understand it.

This, of course, has nothing to do with the red potions in PID, because (like JasonJ said) it makes you (the player) faster. One would guess that this would mean faster in all respects (perception and thought as well as action).

Please correct me if I missed something. It has certainly happened before.


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