Re: Has Max Payne been to the "PID" Pyrimid?
Posted By: Johannes GunnarDate: 4/27/02 6:06 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Has Max Payne been to the "PID" Pyrimid? (Hamish Sinclair)

your description of bullet time is i think right. The bullet time in matrix was used to make the movie nicer and so we could see all the cool stuff the guys did like dodging bullets, jumping there, hitting that, doing this, doing that (you get my point) if it would always remain in the same speed in the movie than we wouldnt see what the guys where doing and that would make the movie boring. or something like that!

: On the "We Can See In The Dark... Can You?" section of the PID page
: I wrote the following regarding the Bubbling Red Potion: __________

: In an Inside Mac Games magazine interview dating from Oct '93 Jason Jones
: said: "If you want to move faster, drink the red potion."

: This is an interesting way of describing the effect of the Bubbling Red
: Potion. The Red Potion does not in fact increase your speed in the game
: but rather slows down the speed of the monsters. So while you move across
: the ground at the same speed the monsters and their attacks are slowed
: down. From the monsters perspective we have speeded up but from our own
: perspective we move at the same speed and the monsters appear in slow
: motion.

: _________

: From my understanding of Bullet Time in the Matrix is that it is the slowing
: down of time (the film) to show the fast reactions of the Agents etc. So
: we see the bullets in slow motion and how easily the Agents dodge them.

: Others may wish to correct me here.

: Bullet Time and using the Bubbling Red Potion do seem similar. You can dodge
: bullets. Of course when the time comes we shouldn't need to. ;-)

: Cheers
: Hamish

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