Re: PiD "Do-not-disturb sectors"
Posted By: xcaliburDate: 1/26/17 5:23 p.m.

In Response To: Re: PiD "Do-not-disturb sectors" (aperturegrillz)

: Semi-unrelated, but does anyone know where I can find more complete info
: about PiD? Specifically, damage values for the different weapons, health
: totals for the monster varieties, which kinds of damage the pale violet
: potion protects against, things like that. pid.bungie.org and
: pid.whpress.com are great for maps and routing but don't include such
: information.

there's been research into the information you're asking about. I don't have a link handy, but most of the answers are buried in the forums somewhere. I'll try to answer from memory.

I think damage goes up x2 for each weapon: knife x2 = Walther p4, Walther p4 x2 = mp38, etc. I think the knife does 40 damage, and I'm not sure if the ak47 is x2 the mp38 (I realize it's the mp41, but the Germans came to the pyramid in 1939, so it doesn't make sense. that minor contradiction always irked me). maybe its +40 damage for each weapon instead, I'm not sure.

the amount of damage you do is modified by your range and weapon skill. if you're point blank, you'll do more damage than if you're further away, and higher skill = more damage and better range. also, ammo type makes a difference for the AK and grenade launcher.

the violet crystal and fragmentation grenades attack the central third of the screen. the green crystal hits all hunters within a certain radius.

the pale violet potion gives you a buffer against all damage. it works as a shield that eventually breaks after a certain amount of damage, kind of like body armor in other games.

the damage given/received in the stat window shifts the decimal point one place to the right from the in-game values ie your health.

the big blue meanie has ~12000 hp. the black crystal isn't an instakill, rather it does 10,000-10,999 damage, and if that puts the monsters hp into negative, it gets stoned - otherwise it has no effect. for this reason, the blue meanie at full health can never be stoned, at ~10,500 it works sometimes, under 10,000 hp the black crystal always works.

here's a link for crystals: http://pid.bungie.org/Crystals.html

I think headlesses have 80 hit points, zombies 125-140, banshees 40, ghouls 180, nightmare 120, shocking sphere 200-250, skitters/oozes 300-450, ghast 450-500, venomous skitter 700-900, greater nightmare 1100-1200. I could be wrong, but I think those were the numbers someone came up with.

a given level can have three different types of monsters. they all have a certain spawn rate, which is a numerical value. once you've placed the nuke, one of the spawn rates increases (although this does not apply to labyrinth).

if anyone can correct/expand on this, that would help.

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