Eternal X Commentary: "Unwired"
Posted By: Forrest of B.orgDate: 5/9/08 9:10 p.m.

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Level 05: "Unwired"

(Created by Bill Wilkinson, his sole contribution to the project. This map is largely unchanged from his original version, though it originally relied a lot more on hidden platform activation polygons opening locked doors for you, which annoyed a lot of people. Revisions were done by Don-Martin Antell.)

You teleport in near a terminal.


(Originally this terminal was from Tycho, moving to cut off Hathor from access to Durandal's standalone wireless transponder. Much of the dialogue is unchanged, differing only enough to clearly be from Hathor instead of Tycho.)

On your way through the circuitous route to Durandal's transponder core, you find several random terminals, taunting you.



(I've been told that this level's funhouse-like nature and the taunts from Durandal are reminiscient of much of M1, which I'm quite happy with. Also, note the domain name Durandal transmits from. Look familiar?)

Near the core, Hathor greets you with words of encourangement.


Finally, after smashing the transponder core, Hathor has not so good news.


You teleport out to Level 6: "Roots and Radicals".

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