Eternal volunteers: "Unwired"
Posted By: pfhoreDate: 5/5/08 4:03 p.m.

Sorry for long absent.

Inside my network? It means that my brain is more like AI. If "Cybernetic Junctions" is like "cyber-organic implants" in S'pht, it is possible. Both are created by Jjaro. S'pht seems like AI.

My previous self is in "Couch Fishing" and Durandal became Angry state. he can no longer control most doors. So what you must to do is yet-another-"Find switch, toggle it, find opened door, find another switch, etc."

Hmm.. Durandal is angry at first, but later he becomes Jealous stage. He claims that he is more capable than Hathor. He found another way to escape. it is a bad news.

We sees "Marathon Emergency Sustems Broadcast". It is too late to reach this message here.

It seems Durandal IS more capable than Hathor. Perhaps he knows all the detail of Marathon. Hathor ordered me to destroy Durandal.

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