Nick knack
Posted By: Forrest of B.orgDate: 4/2/04 7:24 a.m.

In Response To: Re: god forgive me (Yossarian)

: Sorry, 'bout that Jacke, my bad. I had your name on my brain but it just
: slipped, but I *was* posting at 3:00, not exactly at the top of my game...

: Tych, I'm sorry man, but there are like, six or seven people that have been
: on this forum that you could be, what with all the derivitives of
: "Tycho".

That's why I like my name. Even on the Internet, there's just not a lot of Forrests. With a name like mine, who needs a nick? And when I find somewhere that there is another one, I just spell it with a Pfh instead :-)

Then there's all the Fobo (Forrest Of Bungie.Org) derivatives... Superfobo(rg), Fobokin Skyfscker, Fobos (and Demos), John Fobbor, Fobo of the (n) Fingers, Fobo (The One [as in, 'Goodbye, Mr. Cameranesi...' 'My name.... is FOBO!'])...

I've actually come to use Fobo as a diminuitive for Forrest, cause an ex girlfriend I knew online too called me Fobo (and cutesy versions thereof) in person sometimes. Hell, even old-school real-life friends call me Fobo sometimes, and I answer to it. I even use it when reffering diminuitively to myself in the third person (ie "Fobo is sad"), though that's a habit I picked up from Hotline.

Anybody else use or respond to their online nick in person?

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