The Pfhor
Posted By: AnaphielDate: 3/18/04 5:48 p.m.

OK, last art update for a while...

The chapter screen for The Pfhor is now up at the URL below. Scroll waaaay down to find the new stuff.

I feel I need to apologize for using the M2 Enforcer head on this one, but it looks so much cooler than the overtly phallic helmets they wore in M1. While I'm at it, I apologize to HR Geiger for ripping off his style, to all of you for reusing so many of my Marathon:Resurrection textures, and to Photoshop users everywhere for blatant overuse of the "Plastic Wrap" filter. But it is the perfect tool for making those slimy, resinous structures that the Pfhor seem to be so fond of.

This is what passes for a speed painting for me. I did all of the color painting between last night and today. I love being on vacation.


Pfhor Your Desktops Only

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