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Posted By: CloudsDate: 6/3/22 6:30 a.m.

In Response To: Durandal, Strauss and the Misriah Massacre (Idea) (UrsusArctos)

: This is just me putting out an idea in the time that I have, since linking to
: the relevant sections on the MSP might take a bit more time.

: The Misriah Massacre of 2442 on Mars (incidentally, Misriah is a given name
: that means "Egyptian" in Arabic, from Misr , an old name of
: Egypt) is an event that gets a small but significant part in the
: backstory, significant enough that the name carries on into the Halo
: universe. Three people within a crowd of about 500 shoot plasma at a
: hovertank, leading to a whole lot of starving Martians being incinerated
: and MIDA gaining a massive cause for Martian independence.

: Here's what I think: Durandal, under Strauss's influence, had parts of his
: primal pattern uplinked into three battleroids, which Strauss used to meld
: into the crowd and initiate the whole darned massacre. Tycho knows the
: truth about this, is bringing up Bernard Strauss's personal logs and is on
: the point of bringing up Strauss's and Durandal's involvement in the
: massacre when Durandal interrupts. "All the people you've
: killed" in Tycho's angry rant refers to Misriah, not to the Pfhor
: attack on Marathon.

I 100% agree with you that Durandal was somehow involved in The Misriah Massacre of 2442 on Mars. Did Durandal upload parts of his primal pattern into three battleroids to orchestrate the massacre? I don't think there is enough evidence to suggest this is anything more than speculation, but I think it is a really cool idea. If you find any more snippets of terminal text, clues in manual texts, etc., to support this idea I'll enjoy reading it.

The reason I agree with your thinking that Durandal is somehow connected to The Misriah Massacre is because all the "anonymous" Martian history terminal text in M1 that start with those "Security Breached" tags appear before, and not after, Durandal introduces himself to the Security Officer(SO) on the level Blaspheme Quaratine. My interpretation of this is that the Martian history terminals serve a narrative purpose, likely exist to help introduce Durandal as a character, and each says something important about Durandal's past.

My own speculation is that Greg K. (and other folks responsible for the M1 plot) have an AI make use of this style of communication when talking to the SO where the subject being discussed is connected to their own shame. The unpleasant nature of deep shame, really horrible & vicious shame, makes it very difficult to talk about directly. Sharing a relevant history text is a way of talking about it without talking about it, so to speak. The Martian history terminal texts before Blaspheme Quarantine is Durandal (anonymous, but presumably shared by Durandal) communicating his 'shame on Mars' to the SO. Terminal 2 of the level "Beware of Low-Flying Defense Drones" features Tycho speaking directly to the SO using the same style of communication. This is entirely speculative, but I think the log and history text shared by Tycho to the SO touches upon Tycho's *own* shame.

Question: Are all terminals in M1 that contain Martian history texts the second terminal of the level? I count the following:

Rampancy (The Crash of Traxus IV in 2206) on Defend THIS! (Terminal 2),
The CRIST Sol Orbiters, and The Declining Martian World on Couch Fishing (Terminal 2),
The Third Martian War, Misriah Massacre, and History of MIDA on The Rose (Terminal 2),
and logs of Bernard Strauss, Excerpts from the "History of Battleroids", & Excerpts from the Martian Conflict 2345-48 on Beware of Low-Flying Defense Drones (Terminal 2).

Coincidence? Hmm...

: Also, when Durandal says "Twice I've been purged; Three times more"
: - the "Three times more" part refers to the three fragments of
: him that got lost with the three battleroids at Misriah.

: Strauss smuggles ten Mjolnir Mk IV battleroids aboard the Marathon and
: integrates them into the colonists with help from Durandal, and keeps the
: battleroids in store with plans to have them take over the entire colony,
: far from Earth. It's why Marathon was never attacked by MIDA over Mars,
: because MIDA intended to take over the UEG colony for themselves.

Yup, I agree that this was the reason MIDA never attacked and captured Marathon. The coup was shortlived, but MIDA wasn't being shortsighted with their plans for Marathon and the colony at Tau Ceti.

: The whole reason there wasn't a bloodbath and a complete MIDA takeover of the
: new colony was because Strauss discovered Durandal's rampancy, and the
: now-rampant Durandal was "talking back" to him, refusing to take
: orders. Strauss's only option was to try to delay the onset of the second
: stage of Rampancy as far as possible and work out some kind of "Plan
: B". It also explains how Durandal knew who the battleroids were,
: where they were stationed and how to use them.

: (More to come when I can put this together, but I think this would explain
: what's going on for the time being)

Looking forward to reading more!

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