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Posted By: ukimalefuDate: 2/21/22 7:58 p.m.

In Response To: Moof! (Iritscen)

: I was there, and I think I still have one of those posters of the G4 Cube
: that they were giving away! I was just another Bungie fan and didn't know
: you guys, but it would have been fun to have met you and connected with
: the online fandom at the time.

: A funny and fond memory from Macworld comes to mind, though I can't remember
: if it was at the 1999 NY Expo or the 2000 NY Expo, but now seems a good
: time to tell itů. I was standing around on the show floor, doing nothing
: in particular, when Steve Jobs walked by with a small cadre of Apple
: executives hovering around him (couldn't tell you who; I didn't know the
: faces and names of the C Suite at the time).

: For some reason they decided to stop and hold a short conversation. I
: watched, rapt, from a distance; no one else seemed to even notice that THE
: Steve Jobs was right in the middle of the Jacob Javits center; everyone
: was either at the expo booths elsewhere on the floor, or zoning out on
: their laptops in the nearby seating area. As Jobs was listening to his
: guys go on, I noticed his eyes focus on something in the distance, and he
: frowned in distraction.

: I followed his gaze and noticed a teenager sitting down using his PowerBook.
: The kid was completely unaware of Steve's gaze, but the CEO's eyes were
: fixed on the back of his screen. Instead of a glowing Apple logo, there
: was a glowing moofer. Yes, you heard me, this kid had case-modded his
: PowerBook to have Clarus the Dogcow in place of the venerable once-bitten
: apple. I'm not sure what Steve thought of that, or if he even recognized
: Clarus, but perhaps he wanted to go over there and interrogate the kid, or
: give him a piece of his mind for violating the sanctity of the Apple logo.

: Jobs and his posse moved on shortly thereafter, some urgent business no doubt
: at hand. I don't think the teenager had a clue that for a few moments he
: had bemused and distracted the head of Apple Computer. But who knows,
: maybe Steve appreciated the kid's hacker spirit.

That's a very cool story.

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