Posted By: IritscenDate: 2/21/22 5:04 p.m.

In Response To: July 2000, Steve Jobs reveals... (Miguelito)

: ... The Power Mac G4 Cube. Our reporters are on the scene.


: Oh yes, something about a circle of dirt and walking dogs too...

I was there, and I think I still have one of those posters of the G4 Cube that they were giving away! I was just another Bungie fan and didn't know you guys, but it would have been fun to have met you and connected with the online fandom at the time.

A funny and fond memory from Macworld comes to mind, though I can't remember if it was at the 1999 NY Expo or the 2000 NY Expo, but now seems a good time to tell itů. I was standing around on the show floor, doing nothing in particular, when Steve Jobs walked by with a small cadre of Apple executives hovering around him (couldn't tell you who; I didn't know the faces and names of the C Suite at the time).

For some reason they decided to stop and hold a short conversation. I watched, rapt, from a distance; no one else seemed to even notice that THE Steve Jobs was right in the middle of the Jacob Javits center; everyone was either at the expo booths elsewhere on the floor, or zoning out on their laptops in the nearby seating area. As Jobs was listening to his guys go on, I noticed his eyes focus on something in the distance, and he frowned in distraction.

I followed his gaze and noticed a teenager sitting down using his PowerBook. The kid was completely unaware of Steve's gaze, but the CEO's eyes were fixed on the back of his screen. Instead of a glowing Apple logo, there was a glowing moofer. Yes, you heard me, this kid had case-modded his PowerBook to have Clarus the Dogcow in place of the venerable once-bitten apple. I'm not sure what Steve thought of that, or if he even recognized Clarus, but perhaps he wanted to go over there and interrogate the kid, or give him a piece of his mind for violating the sanctity of the Apple logo.

Jobs and his posse moved on shortly thereafter, some urgent business no doubt at hand. I don't think the teenager had a clue that for a few moments he had bemused and distracted the head of Apple Computer. But who knows, maybe Steve appreciated the kid's hacker spirit.

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