Re: Thoughts on events between M1 and M2
Posted By: Forrest of B.orgDate: 2/19/21 1:31 p.m.

In Response To: Thoughts on events between M1 and M2 (General-RADIX)

: And by "events between M1 and M2", I mean "what was Durandal
: up to". I think I've already mentioned some of this here before, but
: those posts are years old and I wanted to add some new stuff. Note that
: this is all pretty much speculation based on what little info on
: between-game events we're given.

: --

: We know that Durandal headed to Sol Core early on to give humanity FTL tech
: and the knowledge of how to use it ("Come and Take Your
: Medicine", Terminal 1 Msg 1). We also know that he "saw the
: colony was about to be destroyed" ("What About Bob?",
: Terminal 1 Msg 1). He apparently had reason to believe that Tycho had
: fallen in with the Pfhor (same terminal as last, Msg 2), and is at least
: familiar enough with Admiral Tfear ("Bob's Big Date", Terminal 4
: Msg 1) to know that he can't win a one-on-one battle against the Khfiva ,
: let alone all of Battle Group Seven.

: Here's my attempt to fill in the gaps: on the way to Sol Core, Durandal
: realizes that there are humans in cryostasis on his newly-captured ship.
: Time is of the essence, so there's no turning around; he could just drop
: them off at Sol Core, but that isn't really their home. So after his
: business at Sole Core concludes, Durandal begins heading back to Tau Ceti.

: He gets there just in time to to see Pfhor vessels pummeling the shit out of
: the colony. Durandal attempts to fight them off (doesn't seem in-character
: for him to witness the colony's destruction and do nothing), but between
: his lack of naval combat experience and the Pfhor's superior numbers, the
: colony is lost.

: That would be bad enough, but the Empire wants its ship back. Several vessels
: break off from the Battle Group and give chase; it takes Durandal years
: to completely shake them off his trail, and even then, that's far from the
: only time he has to flee the Pfhor. Between evading capture, having to
: stop for repairs (it's unlikely that he could make it from Tau Ceti to
: Lh'owon without a few scrapes), and not having the best directions, it
: takes Durandal almost two decades to finally reach the ancestral home of
: the S'pht.

: Somewhere along the way, Durandal has a few close calls with Battle Group
: Seven ("close calls" as in "almost gets spotted",
: which--as demonstrated in M2--is pretty much a death sentence); through
: covert observation, this is how he learns of Admiral Tfear, and where he
: starts to suspect that a certain brother of his has defected to the
: Empire. His last attempt to shadow BG7 turns out to be a mistake--Tycho
: notices the Boomer as it sneaks off, and infers that Durandal must be
: heading to Lh'owon like he suggested years ago. The Boomer isn't yet at
: Lh'owon when Tycho goes to intercept Durandal, but he makes sure to leave
: a message...

All sounds plausible to me, and makes a lot more sense than my previous mental image of Durandal spending 17 years just hopping from planet to planet checking "Is this Lh'owon...? Nope... Is this Lh'owon...? Nope..."

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