Thoughts on events between M1 and M2
Posted By: General-RADIXDate: 1/5/21 10:19 p.m.

And by "events between M1 and M2", I mean "what was Durandal up to". I think I've already mentioned some of this here before, but those posts are years old and I wanted to add some new stuff. Note that this is all pretty much speculation based on what little info on between-game events we're given.


We know that Durandal headed to Sol Core early on to give humanity FTL tech and the knowledge of how to use it ("Come and Take Your Medicine", Terminal 1 Msg 1). We also know that he "saw the colony was about to be destroyed" ("What About Bob?", Terminal 1 Msg 1). He apparently had reason to believe that Tycho had fallen in with the Pfhor (same terminal as last, Msg 2), and is at least familiar enough with Admiral Tfear ("Bob's Big Date", Terminal 4 Msg 1) to know that he can't win a one-on-one battle against the Khfiva, let alone all of Battle Group Seven.

Here's my attempt to fill in the gaps: on the way to Sol Core, Durandal realizes that there are humans in cryostasis on his newly-captured ship. Time is of the essence, so there's no turning around; he could just drop them off at Sol Core, but that isn't really their home. So after his business at Sole Core concludes, Durandal begins heading back to Tau Ceti.

He gets there just in time to to see Pfhor vessels pummeling the shit out of the colony. Durandal attempts to fight them off (doesn't seem in-character for him to witness the colony's destruction and do nothing), but between his lack of naval combat experience and the Pfhor's superior numbers, the colony is lost.

That would be bad enough, but the Empire wants its ship back. Several vessels break off from the Battle Group and give chase; it takes Durandal years to completely shake them off his trail, and even then, that's far from the only time he has to flee the Pfhor. Between evading capture, having to stop for repairs (it's unlikely that he could make it from Tau Ceti to Lh'owon without a few scrapes), and not having the best directions, it takes Durandal almost two decades to finally reach the ancestral home of the S'pht.

Somewhere along the way, Durandal has a few close calls with Battle Group Seven ("close calls" as in "almost gets spotted", which--as demonstrated in M2--is pretty much a death sentence); through covert observation, this is how he learns of Admiral Tfear, and where he starts to suspect that a certain brother of his has defected to the Empire. His last attempt to shadow BG7 turns out to be a mistake--Tycho notices the Boomer as it sneaks off, and infers that Durandal must be heading to Lh'owon like he suggested years ago. The Boomer isn't yet at Lh'owon when Tycho goes to intercept Durandal, but he makes sure to leave a message...


Some Inmortalitas-specific info, for anyone here who'd want to discuss it: I'm not sure at what point in the timeline that the Security Officer was meant to be taken (the Preview says that Durandal just immediately dumped him in a cryo chamber after M1, but this isn't so much as alluded to in the final M2); in Inm., Vince got ambushed and mortally wounded by the still-living Pfhor Controller, and had to go into med-stasis. This was the first time reality slapped Durandal in the face (his Security Officer wasn't invincible); the second was the destruction of Tau Ceti IV (this conflict was a lot more serious, and more was at stake, than Durandal realized).

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Thoughts on events between M1 and M2General-RADIX 1/5/21 10:19 p.m.
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