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Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 12/26/20 5:57 a.m.

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: What I wouldn't give for clear memories of all the vague Marathon-related
: dreams I've had over the years. Or better yet, to somehow get my hands on
: the nonexistent scenarios they were about. Labors of passion by
: collaborating '90s college students, or just experienced without context.
: Alien invasions on an unprepared Earth. Gruesome slaughters in cramped
: space-station corridors. Desperate defenses in byzantine mountain tunnels.
: Journeys from bustling multiversal transit hubs to the abandoned ships of
: forgotten civilizations.

: I wonder how many Pfhor I've killed in my sleep.

You've had those dreams too? The most bizarre thing about them is they'll be constrained to the logic of their game engine and have the same monsters, and, the most boring part, is it would usually be me sitting at a keyboard playing it. But sometimes there will be the ones that break the rules and change what I know, like the dream where Heretic suddenly had a true 3D engine and its maps were an interconnected hub system like its sequels.

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