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: : I played StarCraft II before I, and the original story of II was a real

: I don't mind the non-linearity, I just think where they took the story was
: really disappointing. The original StarCraft's story was cool in large
: part because it didn't fit the simple, easy meme of good-versus-evil;
: particularly in the sense that the good didn't always win out. In the
: Terran campaigns you end up helping to create not one, but two
: authoritarian regimes; in the Zerg campaigns you annihilate huge numbers
: of people in the name of the swarm; and in the Protoss campaigns you
: struggle to keep the people of a falling empire alive.

: By contrast, the story of StarCraft II is basically just "fate decrees
: that bad guys are about to come, now let's spend three games setting up
: the pieces for an epic battle where all the characters you know and love
: fight together against said bad guys." That's a bit of a let down,
: honestly.

: But yes, at least the missions are fun.

: : And I think any further scenarios we attempt to

: Well, Excalibur seems fairly linear, from what I can tell. Long, but linear.
: And then there's always Phoenix, which is definitely linear.

: : It is a shame we cannot play through this level exactly as intended, but I

: I agree that the grenade jump up to the Bob is definitely the most
: true-to-the-original of the two methods.

: I think I just figured out what the problem that causes the crash really is:
: Weland shows that the western-most polygon (polygon 211) in that hallway
: is a Platform On Trigger that appears not to be linked to anything - so,
: when you cross that polygon, the game freaks out because it wants to
: trigger a platform, but doesn't know which one (I think it defaults to a
: value of -1, but obviously there is no polygon number -1).

: Further inspection in JUICE reveals the likely source of this issue - the
: offending polygon, polygon 211, is set to trigger a platform at polygon 4.
: Polygon 4 turns out to be a square hole in the center of the floor of that
: same hallway. So, what I'm guessing happened here is that in the process
: of turning the old M1 maps into M2 maps, the mapmakers removed a platform
: and forgot to turn the polygon that triggers it into a Normal polygon.

: : Not far to go now. For the next one I've written up a directed path, but
: it

: I'm not sure where in M2 you're referring to, but it would probably be for
: the same technical reason - M2 also didn't use built-in physics for its
: maps. That's why you can change the Physics setting in Preferences and
: have it work for the single-player maps in M2, but you can't do the same
: thing in Infinity.

: Vale,
: Perseus

Yes that original SC story and that of Brood War definitely deserve accolades in terms of the twists and turns, and the potential for more mystery that they then just discarded by making not even time matter a damn. Re Marathon scenarios, we'll get there eventually!

Okay so can we fix it? Do these tools allow you to make and save changes to a scenario? Interesting stuff as I always assumed it was something to do with that platform, which appears to be goo?

I refer to Come and take take your medicine:
It must seem peculiar, fighting the S'pht
when they are whom you seek to free. You should be told that they deliberately fight poorly, that they are constantly resisting their slavers.

About as flimsy an excuse really. And a bit strange given that they had that feature in M1. I've never tried adjusting physics in A1's settings, but that is interesting!

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