Tour of Duty: Bavarians at the Gate
Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 1/15/18 11:55 a.m.

Last time on tour of duty (and the time before that), Martin and Perseus Spartacus found a lot of secrets I didn't even know about thanks to "cheating" by using weland, or rather, a map-generating script to find them ;) (or in Martin's case, sheer grit and determination to find a contact for bug reports that's probably a long-defunct email by now. Such is the case as these scenarios age).

We enter our second chapter in this map, as weíre presented a screen with a MoaH on a balcony that says ďTreachery.Ē

Treachery, eh? Is Merlin going to turn on us? (Spoilers from the future: Iím pretty sure heís still ordering you around in Excalibur, so the plot must be thickening with another treacherous element).

We start out in a long hallway with a fighter on the other end advancing on us, and this place has a very Acme-Station aesthetic going on, but at least here we can kick back and enjoy the scenery with no vacuum.

Notably, the rooms are very dark, but lined with high windows that are very bright for contrast. The first big room has nothing in it but fighters and a door to the left, and this time I have to put down my fists and put up the pistols for projectile fighters.

The next room fills us with dread as we hear a trooper SMG-ing away in another room above, but he canít fit through the window, so weíre safe from him until we get up there ourselves. Thereís a terminal here, from what appears to be a new AI named Mithrandir:

Itís good for us to have some bearings. Now we know to go down the south hallway to get to that pattern buffer, but itís windowless, and man is it dark. We make it out and see the structure where the PB should be and a trooper lobs a grenade at us! Itís time to bring out the bigger guns and wipe him out. The big problem is he follows us into that long, dark hallway, and he fires some more before we can see him.

After killing that guy, another trooper andÖ err, oh yeah, I mean, another ďpirateĒ and some ďgalaxansĒ sneak up from behind him to jump us, but we survive the encounter with our trusty fusion pistol, or whatever the hell the gun is called in this universe.

The sound of trooper grenades spook us as we emerge out again, but itís more troopers that canít get us from the high windows. Thereís a fílickíta in the PB room, and it doesnít seem to be hurt by our SMG fire. We attempt to run in after it, but a force pushes us back with a liquid splash sound. A force field. Well, thatís just great. Are we supposed to go to the upper left corner of the map where Mithrandir showed us to turn it off?

*goes back to reread terminal. You get to have this full map:*

Okay, so that room does have more than nothing, but we canít get up to that terminal yet. At least thereís a shield recharger in one of the cubbyholes in the big area. Unfortunately, there isnít anything else there we can access. What do we do? There is no spoiler guide for this scenario for us to consult on this one. We have to rely on our own brainpower (which, in FPS terms, means bumbling around and letting our time drain down a sink until we findÖ SOMETHING.)

Well, it turns out there was another exit in the terminal room. We find some odd stairs decorated with those teal slab-thingies on either end. The stairs are just a dead-end (that will obviously open up seeing that itís a red polygon on the map), and the slabs are blocking the other exits. It seems weíre trapped until we figure out how to run-jump around the other side of the slabs.

On the other end of the un-lowered platform are some more fighters, and the darkness of this map makes combat feel like a bit of a crapshoot. We can see their glowy staves, but it doesnít give away the color of their armor to tipoff whether we should punch or shoot.

Some shotgun shells are tucked away in an obscure corner, which wakes up some fighters on a balcony. Thereís a terminal up there we canít reach, and if memory serves from my playthrough of the M1 version, thatís got to be a secret terminal that we need the SPNKR to access (the rockets we can see up there are definitely a hint to that conclusion). But thereís another terminal down here we can read:

Contained specimens, eh? Something treacherous must be afoot here, indeed.

We can walk up to a platform to our obvious launch-spot, but we donít have the rocket launcher yet, so we must pass it up for now and proceed.

We enter yet another dark hallway, but this one is very narrow and lined with those school ceiling-light things that are all turned off (but making that ambient, repetitive hum). We climb up to the hallway above the large area with the pattern buffer, so we know a trooper must be here, but we canít see him; not even a blip on the radar. This map suddenly turned into Slender: The Eight Pages. Except weíre armed with more than a little flashlight ;) (but the flashlight would be nice to alleviate the darkness)

We run into some corpses of pirates we didnít kill. Did the trooper blow himself up with his buddies?

None of those look like a trooper corpse, so heís got to still be wandering around somewhere. Man, is this all creepy.

*goes all the way around*

well, it would seem heís not up here, so letís move on. It looks like weíre about to get to that place where the AI told us to go to turn off that force field. We enter another area, and on our right, I SWEAR I saw a galaxanís head silhouette against the window move away, but maybe I imagined it. Iím not going down there first, because the button we need is on the other side. Thereís a terminal with what looks like a bob in front of it.

Iím just starting to realize this dark, claustrophobic design is very M1-ish. Another consequence of this scenarioís origins.

Oh, but itís not a bob, itís a galaxan! AHHH!!!!

Luckily, I must have picked up some fusion batteries on the way over here. I thought I was all out. Hereís the terminal:

Oh, Fílickíta, Iím pressing ESC out of that one! Lets mosey on over to the other side we didnít check out yet. Thereís, err, speak of the devil, a long room with those azure fílictíta. Easy enough. There isnít anywhere to go after dispatching them. I have to take that teleporter. Iíll get right on that after I go back to recharge my shield.

Err, except we walked off a ledge, right at this spot.

I didnít notice in the dark. We canít go back. Iím boned. Well, letís get this encounter over with. Except oh, we totally can go back, thanks to a secret trigger we step on near the terminal that opens up one of the windows for us to jump down!


Okay, Iím ready, andÖ but thatís a level exit? But We didnít turn off the force fields!
Iím not gonna bother describing the next map, because we just instantly get killed and have to replay all this Ďcuz we couldnít save >=(

So now I can describe what we missed the first time.

Well, after a lot of bumbling wall-hugging, we find a secret 2x recharger and 3x canister!

And a secret door in the big room thatís just a shortcut for backtracking.

The 3x canister apparently respawns after failed experiments with grenade-climbing.

After a lot more stumbling, and thinking about that strange useless 2x recharger in the column as a hint, We find the secret opening in another column where the SPNKR is hidden!

Apologies for grabbing the SPNKR off the shelf before taking that screenshot.

A fílickta jumps us from another opening from behind, so watch out!

I think I didnít waste TOO many grenades getting to this point, so letís blast up to that previously-inaccessible terminal and see the oh-so secret message. On your marks, ready, setÖ

Made it!

Ah, so Froody is that word I had to look up when I made it here in the M1 version! (There were Hulks on this map in the M1 version, too, IIRC).

This must have been written before the ultimate Road-To-Nowhere that is all of the non-endings of the X-files series that P*&*&ed off everybody that bothered to be invested in it. As for Hitchikerís, well, as of now Iím two books in and still have three books to go on that series. Iím thinking of using Zaphod Beeblebrox as an anonymous moniker when I ever have the opportunity ;)

Well, guess thatís it. Does the Pattern Buffer area ever open, at all? There are two curious buttons in there driving me nuts.

Holy fílicta, Iím in! There appears to be a weak spot in one of the walls where we can slip in, as most parts still blast us away; or did we unlock it by doing something? Ah, well, Iím just happy to be able to save!

edit: Since first writing this, Martin/Perseus linked me to a DiaBD spoiler guide and one of the four corner-lights of the area will teleport you in when standing on it.

We push the two buttons and take the teleporter out.

as for those buttonsÖ

One of them did just what I thought: it lowered that bridge that we had to awkwardly maneuver around this whole time.

Was this the intentional route of the map? Is this some metroid-esque sequence-breaking design?

It looks like the other button opened one more secret passage in that bridge room.

Taking it revealsÖ another shortcut to the rocket hopping room? Eh, Itís a living. Guess we can safely call this writeup a wrap, secure in having found all the secrets. Heh, looking back at one of the terminals, the secret rocket launcherís location was cleverly given away in one of the pics! Can you spot it?

Well, we still have 8 grenade packs, and now we can go into the next map with a save and a 3x shield, soÖ apology accepted.

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