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Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 3/24/17 2:14 p.m.

In Response To: Dreamcatching (Forrest of B.org)

: I was recently interviewed by a podcast about dreams for their episode about
: Marathon and Artificial Intelligence in their connection to dreaming.

: http://dreamcatching.libsyn.com/ if anyone's interested.

: 'tis some interesting stuff in there; this could potentially be useful for my
: AU stuff, where android bodies exist and need sleep like humans.

: Somewhat off-topic, I didn't know that the old consensus wrt: all the
: timeline-jumping in Infinity was that Thoth was personally warping you to
: and fro.

A while ago, I suggested that in MTA, the Dream Levels could be expanded upon and made to look like actual dreams, going on the context of what they were about, namely playable, but corrupted versions of the terminals within, such as the school in the final Knife one as a secret in Eat the Path, the Subway in Whatever you Please, with platforming sections across a warped station interior with floating escalators, and the inside of Hanger 96, with all those bodies too.

We couldn't have them in Vulcan 2 due to engine limitations, but the remake could handle it. (I hope)

I don't know what the remake's Hanger 96 should look like, as I haven't played Hats off to 819. (I don't have the tools to convert and fiddle with the hex and it's probably Vulcan 2 only anyway)

I can only assume the hanger with the Jugs in it in the failure levels and Aye Mak Sicur is the hanger, or something similar.

Anyway, since you are also baffled about the durability knife story as much as I am, maybe someone could track down Greg Kirkpatrick and ask him about it?

It's been long enough that he can't just be vague in answering. That is, assuming... he is found. After Double Aught fell through, he seemed to disappear off the face of the earth.

Maybe he was taken by the Jjaro and given Eternal Life on another planet for doing such a good job of describing them? (realistic reasons for his absence are welcome)

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