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Posted By: scratskinnerDate: 3/18/17 3:50 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Stargate SG-1 (Durandal_1707)

: Even the Polaris were originally Earth-based in that one though. I don't
: think EVN had any life that didn't originate on Earth.

: The original EV did have the evil enigmatic aliens that the humans wiped out,
: though.

Yes, they did come from Earth. And then they set up shop in ruins definitely not made by humans. And showing a far higher tech level.

Don't forget we're talking long-gone civs that left behind greater works than ours. Hence "Elder Race".

Also you seem to have forgotten the Wraith. And the Hyperoids. And Kont.

And to bring this to non-alien examples...

Another bit of the reason Polaris are top-tier is because everyone else essentially got knocked back to the... stone age is probably too far... by their hypergate network getting blown up by radicals or somesuch.

You can still see the destroyed wreckage in some systems. (Some Hypergates are up and running, though.)

And then there's the Vell-os, who, while still Earth-based, had a headstart of a couple millenia, give or take a few centuries. While they're still around, the civilization they built (politically, anyway) is not.

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