Re: Marathon speedrunning
Posted By: aperturegrillzDate: 6/27/16 9:58 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Marathon speedrunning (Martin)

: Absolutely. Even the very first encounter is harder than most of M2. And it's
: all because the magnum doesn't stop the Fighters from smacking the player.

Very true, though I found that you can dispatch them pretty quickly by rapidly switching weapons back and forth between weapons. In M1 this resets the firing cooldown so you can fire weapons like the magnum, fusion pistol, and rocket launcher much faster than you're supposed to be able to.

: The end of Bigger Guns Nearby is very annoying as it is best to trigger the
: Compilers and then run back out and take them down with fists, but
: occasionally there is a Fighter that spawns way back and comes all the way
: down there to screw you up.

Yeah, the end of Bigger Guns is very hard since you only have 1X shields and not very much ammo. I was having some success running straight through to the final room and circling around, waiting for the S'pht to come in and trying to get the projectile fighters to kill them, but it's very risky since the room is pretty small.

: Defend THIS isn't too bad and you get a lot of ammo on it. The start of Couch
: Fishing is awful with very few safe places to run. Then of course there's
: the pit on Cool Fusion, which is totally crazy on TC - recommend getting
: the TOZT on Napalm Chicken.

In Cool Fusion fortunately you can skip most of the level with a grenade climb out of the big room you start in, though you'll then have to survive fighting through the remaining enemies to reach the exit terminal.

: The arena with the crazy slow door on Blasphemy

Fortunately also skippable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZT0B44DTWQ

: most of Bob-B-Q,

This one is rough. On Kindergarten you can easily skip almost all of Bob-B-Q by grenade jumping up to the platform next to where you spawn, but on TC there's so much fighter fire coming at you right away that trying that is certain death. You'll probably have to fight your way over to the alcove with 2X health before making your way to the end.

: the traps in Shake Before Using..., the lava run or grenade jump on Fire
: Fire..., the corridor run of Habe Quiddam plus the exploding BoBs, most of
: Pfhor Your Eyes Only, in fact most things with Enforcers lol.

Habe Quiddam is the tightest level for health because it requires 2 grenade jumps out of lava and there's no 3X available on the level. On TC it'll probably require basically clearing out the areas of the level you have to visit, then getting back to 2X shields before going through the lava and grabbing the device. It also requires a grenade jump to reach the end terminal but fortunately Neither High Nor Low has a 2X charger right at the beginning.

At least on Kindergarten, I think the run gets significantly easier once you make it to Pfhor Your Eyes Only. At that point you have 3X shields and a lot of firepower, and the remaining levels don't really require using your health for any grenade jumping. Of course on TC the Enforcers and Troopers are actually very dangerous because of their basically undodgeable fire.

: Yeah, a speedrun would be quite a thing to see even with just those examples
: of incredibly hard encounters. And of course an all terminal run would be
: stuffed up by the pit one on Napalm Chicken and the secret one on Welcome
: to the Revolution, if not others as well. Good luck!

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