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Posted By: aperturegrillzDate: 6/30/16 2:18 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Marathon speedrunning (Martin)

: A good watch, and I like that you did commentary too, good multitasking! The
: Blasphemy and Bob-B-Q shortcuts in particular were crazy to see in
: practice. That Bob-B-Q lift jump was another one made really difficult by
: lag back in the day.

Thanks -- I've gotten used to doing commentary while playing from streaming a lot of Tetris the Grand Master, an arcade game I play. You can tell that I have trouble holding a train of thought, though, because I'm trying to focus on playing. I frequently start some sentence, get distracted midway through because I have to pay attention to the game, then completely forget what I was saying :P

: Surprising you were still quite a way off the time of the other you linked,
: and that he still made costly mistakes; maybe 29 mins wouldn't be out of
: the question based on that, no pressure ;).

I would love sub-30 minutes :) it's going to be pretty tough, though. If you compare our splits, the time I lose is pretty spread out across the levels, except for Colony Ship, where I lost nearly 2 minutes because I had to retry the pillars climb. My Sum Of Best is 33:28 which should be pretty doable given the nature of the game, and I think even my best splits on a lot of levels are not very optimized.

: TC really is going to be
: another story though, especially for elimination levels - especially for
: Try again!

I think Try Again will actually be pretty doable because there's not a lot of close-quarters fighting, you have easy access to 3X shields, and there's a ton of ammo available for your strongest weapons. Also, the Juggernaut AI on TC is weird, they seem to actually be less accurate with their rockets than on lower difficulties.

: Finally, the Wasps really are incredibly annoying, even on Kindergarten!

Yes, yes they are. Lookers too. I don't mind at all that they didn't revive those enemies for M2.

I discovered a few other things about the game recently which are... interesting.

One is that all the shots in the game have semi-random damage - they have some base value, and then a random additional amount of damage. For instance, a grenade does 80 base damage plus up to 20 more (one bar of health is 150 points). From experimentation, it appears that the amount of knockback a shot does is proportional to how much damage it dealt, which means that how much height you get from a grenade jump is actually semi-random! This helps explain why the Colony Ship climb is hard to do consistently.

The other thing I found out is that, according to the Pfhorte Handbook (I need to test this myself), 'Extermination' levels can be completed with up to 8 enemies left alive on the map. This explains why I've been able to finish The Rose and Pfhoraphobia without actually killing everything. Unfortunately, the spawns on each level are semi-random so I think it'll be hard to fully exploit this.

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