Re: Hats Off to 1319!!1!
Posted By: xcaliburDate: 9/20/15 5:50 p.m.

In Response To: Hats Off to 1319!!1! (poena.dare)

: Hats off to 1319!
: Hats off to 819!

: It's been 20 years... TWENTY FREAKIN YEARS! Two decades. A generation.

: Sometimes, in the dark night of my soul, I worry that Hamish will publish all
: the disturbing emails I sent him. The crazy ideas, the major failures of
: logic because I didn't read the terms carefully enough, the impassioned
: pleas of platonic love, the unwanted Pfhor/S'pht slashfic...

: And no matter how repulsive or illogical or demented my emails were, Hamish
: treated each one with the good humor and patient civility that one
: reserves for a beloved grandparent one isn't quite ready to push down
: the stairs. I should be so lucky to have more people like Hamish in my
: life!

: We can only imagine the powerful force of curiosity that drove Hamish to
: start documenting things. Once his razor sharp analytical mind was on the
: task so many hidden things came to light that Bungie was forced to pay him
: to keep quiet. With that money Hamish created the Marathon's Story website
: and filled it with cleverly crafted red herrings so no one would discover
: the tru7h.

: I firmly believe that Bungie would be a 7.7% less interesting company if it
: wasn't for Hamish. Today, you can't buy this kind of fan support.

: I have been so fortunate to have been around when so many great things
: unfolded because of Marathon's Story. I have felt the brush of Matt
: Soell's tender lips on the back of my neck. I have stood on the spot that
: Greg Kirkpatrick pooped himself. I have walked in the parking lot where
: Ryan Martell scored a dime bag. I have experienced both smiles and glares
: from Nathan Bitner. I have heard Doug Zartman's muffled voice come from
: his grandmother's closet. I have touched women that have touched Jason
: Jones. I plucked a thread from the hem of Alex Seropian's shirt during a
: particularly sweaty workout session. I would never been able to stalk so
: many for so long if it wasn't for this website.

: Sometimes I wonder if Hamish is actually the reason Bungie exists. That we
: are all players in his fevered dream. And when he awakes we will be but
: the crashing waves that he escapes into.

: I love you Hamish. I love Forrest and Gholsbane and Treellama and Bob-B-Q and
: so many others that have made this 20 year odyssey chock full of wonder,
: revelation, and bad puns.

: Hats off to us all!

Hamish has definitely created a valuable resource. And he was receptive to my emails and minor contributions.

so yes indeed, hats off, and cheers.

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