Re: Hey good looking... *LINK*
Posted By: DispatcherDate: 7/19/15 4:31 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Hey good looking... (Lion O Cyborg)

: I already knew that and it was OK at the time as to prevent copyright
: infringement but continuing to follow his request today is stupid because
: no one ever plays the original Mac diskettes and CDs anymore because Aleph
: One is better and Macintoshes are shit.

Really? Platform bashing on THIS site?

: Wouldn't Alex want people to actually hear his CD quality tracks without
: being restricted to only a small handful for the sake of an overused joke,
: funny or not?

That's a question that only Alexander would be able to answer.

: I say rip the CD tracks from the disk and make them into an Aleph One plugin
: compatible with M1 Original on Aleph One, M1A1 and any fan mods so Alex's
: great work can live on. I take the Ross Scott approach when it comes to
: using piracy to prevent good games and their assets from dying.

That's just it; its not what you say should be done, or what I say should be done. Alexander as the original copyright holder should have the say-so. If he is so inclined, I think he could take a few minutes out of his life, say once a year, to check out the forums and even convey his thoughts on his oldest Bungie creations and his wishes on handling them. As for musical enjoyment, I guess I'm partial to Craig Hardgrove's remix.

Seropian and Hardgrove

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