Re: Hey good looking...
Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 7/18/15 8:16 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Hey good looking... (Godot)

: No. Only 7 tracks were ever released on CD.

: Alex Seropian specifically requested that his CD quality tracks were not
: distributed on-line. People for the most part have remained faithful to
: his request.

I already knew that and it was OK at the time as to prevent copyright infringement but continuing to follow his request today is stupid because no one ever plays the original Mac diskettes and CDs anymore because Aleph One is better and Macintoshes are shit.

Especially the original Mac version's control scheme and the badly designed mice of the computers it ran on at the time themselves.

Wouldn't Alex want people to actually hear his CD quality tracks without being restricted to only a small handful for the sake of an overused joke, funny or not? And without being forced to buy a bad operating system and hardware that is no longer used (unless the OSX App store M1 is also the CD copy) for the sole purpose of hearing the full soundtrack when they could just get all 16 of them added in to Aleph One across all compatible platforms?

I say rip the CD tracks from the disk and make them into an Aleph One plugin compatible with M1 Original on Aleph One, M1A1 and any fan mods so Alex's great work can live on. I take the Ross Scott approach when it comes to using piracy to prevent good games and their assets from dying.

After all: Neither Bungie nor the original Bungie team who made the trilogy are profiting from Marathon 1 CD anymore; even more so since the Original trilogy is now freeware, why should all 16 CD tracks die with it?

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