Marathon's Cruising Speed
Posted By: VonZwietrachtDate: 4/15/13 3:31 p.m.

So, I was reading the what's new section from the end of last year and saw the news about Tau Ceti E (IV) being potentially habitable. This got me thinking about the distances, speeds and times it would take to get to Tau Ceti, establish a colony, and have it wiped out by the Pfhor IRL.

Anyway, the fastest planned spacecraft that will be launched in the near future is the Solar Probe Plus. Clocking in at ~0.06c, this craft could reach Tau Ceti (assuming a nice round 12ly distance) in about ~179-180 some years.

I got to thinking about the Marathon's speed after coming up with this, and searched the story page for any references to the speed the Marathon traveled to Tau Ceti. From what I could find...no one has discussed it!

So, I whipped out a calculator and looked into the story page, and a bit of simple algebra later, I came up with some things:

FACT: it took the Marathon 301 years to reach Tau Ceti (according to the story page's timeline; launch in 2472, arrival in 2773)

From this, I extrapolated 3 potential speeds:

(Assuming Tau Ceti is EXACTLY 12ly away [which is false])
The marathon's speed would be roughly 0.0398671096345515c

(Assuming Tau Ceti is 11.905ly away [more accurate; discrepancy is +/- 0.007ly])
The Marathon's speed is 0.0395514950166113c

(Assuming Tau Ceti is 92ly away [dammit leela!])
The marathon would be moving at a whopping 0.3056478405315615c...just under 1/3 the speed of light!

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