Re: Traxus, Battleroids, and You
Posted By: GodotDate: 8/4/12 7:41 a.m.

In Response To: Traxus, Battleroids, and You (Philtron)

: I've looked over the story page and haven't found this theory anywhere,
: although I feel like someone should have come up with it before now.

Perhaps they have. We just need to (re)discover it. ;)

The theory that you = battleroid during the war between Icarus and Thermoplyae was first put forward on the You section. In fact, it was one of the first theories on the page when it went live back in Sept '95. I am sure if one looks closely you'll find that it wasn't even a new theory.

However, your theory that Traxus was somehow involved in this war or that you had encountered him in the past (grotesque smile reference) has not been mentioned before, at least not on the Story page. Nice one. I'll add this to the page.

Just noticed something odd. In the Lost Network Packets why did Greg Kirkpatrick confirm the date 2194 when it wasn't wrong? Indeed, it's out of context since the main problem with the dates was around the building and launch of the Marathon, over 300 years later. There was no need to make any reference to this event in the LNP. Maybe he thought it was important to state it again?

Lastly, thanks for this date:
"2216- Full repercussions of Traxus rampancy still being seen"
No idea why this isn't on the timeline section but I'll add it now.

Thanks for another stimulating read.


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