Traxus, Battleroids, and You
Posted By: PhiltronDate: 8/4/12 5:42 a.m.

I've looked over the story page and haven't found this theory anywhere, although I feel like someone should have come up with it before now.

In short I think that there's hints of evidence that you are a Battleroid that was either, A) used to shutdown Traxus, or B) manipulated by Traxus to prolong its/his own goals.

I was looking at this quote from M1's manual text which contains that oft quoted line:
"You can almost imagine the face of a wicked computer with its eyes wide and its lips folding out in a grotesque smile. A smile which reminds you of something from your past, but you can't remember exactly what it is... Judging it safe, you thrust over to one of the empty MP docking bays. You pull out your pistol, and pound the switch to open the door.

Oddly , this is familiar to you, as if it were from an old dream, but you can't exactly remember..."

So, the mental image of a wicked computer smiling grotesquely reminds you of something from your past, and trying to survive the machinations of an AI while entering a hollowed out asteroid in outer space seems familiar. It could all be coincidental, but it seems Bungie is hinting that the player has dealt with evil AIs before and the only other one's we know about are Traxus and the five AIs he/it infiltrated.

The possibility that Traxus was involved with Battleroids is supported by the Marathon timeline:

Unknown times:
2xxx(?)- Traxus becomes rampant
2xxx(?)- Traxus infiltrates 5 other AIs in the Martian net

Confirmed timeline:
2194- Battelroids used in war between Icarus and Thermopylae. Battleroids kill almost everyone on both asteroids.
2206- Traxus' rampancy discovered and Martian Planetary Net is shut down -Crash of Traxus IV
2208- Damage caused by Traxus fully rooted out
2214- United Interplanetary League sets up rules for the appropriate use and storage of Battleroids
2216- Full repercussions of Traxus rampancy still being seen

So, the time between when the Battelroids were first used and when Traxus' rampancy was discovered is twelve years which seems like plenty of time for Traxus to go rampant (if he wasn't already) and manipulate some Battleroids to do his bidding. Also, I think it's important that you fight on the Marathon which is carved from an asteroid-moon of Mars, and the Battleroids fought on the asteroids Icarus and Onicis 492.

So, could Traxus have used Battleroids to defend himself when attempts at shutting him down were being made? Or could the UIL or UESC have used Battleroids to get past Traxus' physical defenses and destroy the Martian Net cores? And then could one of these Battleroids end up being the 10th Mjolnir cyborg who has strange deju vu when he encounters another rampant AI on another colonized asteroid?

In fact, we don't know what's the time period of Traxus' rampancy. For all we know he could have become rampant before the creation of the Battleroids. Could Traxus actually have been the one who took control of and ordered the Battleroids to exterminate both asteroid colonies? Could Traxus actually have been the one to suggest the creation of Battleroids in the first place? Hell, the story doesn't tell us anything about what started the Icarus-Thermopylae war, but could Traxus have instigated the war through subterfuge just so he could get these governments to unwittingly build him some Cyborgs?

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