Original Marathon Level Names *LONG*
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 6/8/12 11:57 a.m.

They have always been puzzling, even at the best of times. Sometimes we are left with a single letter or syllable remaining of the original level name. However, people have had some pretty good ideas about what the original name of a level might have been. Today, I came up with some of my own ideas as to what some of the level names might have been. So, I decided to compile a list of what I think the names of most of the Marathon levels are. Note that some of these names have been posted before ('Insignificant, Marge' and 'Welcome Humanity' spring to mind), so this isn't the most original compilation. For all I know, all of these names have been thought of before. But, I shall voice my opinion nonetheless.

M1 Level Names:

Welcome Humanity

Never Burn Money|duction?|
What is Strong Deduction?

The Rose| BETTER|

Cool Fusion| Cool|
Fusion Is So Cool

Blaspheme Quarantine|pa|Seal|
Do Not Take It Past The Seal


Unpfhorgiven|e pfhor this...|
Ain't got time pfhor this...

The original name of The Rose (We Can Do BETTER) is interesting in that it's not quite clear who 'we' is. Does 'we' refer to Leela and the Security Officer? I think so.

'Do Not Take It Past The Seal' is probably a reference to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. In it, the old Knight warns Indy not to take the Holy Grail beyond the 'Great Seal', a seal on the floor of the temple. Of course, Elsa doesn't listen, and she ends up paying the price, falling to her demise.

'Bob-B-Queue' is, IMO, the funniest name of them all. It's a play on
'B-B-Q' and a 'Queue'. In other words, you have to say 'NEXT!' every time a Bob dies. ;)

M2 Level Names:

Ex Cathedra|gin'|
All For Chargin'

Nuke And Pave| Marge|
Insignificant, Marge

Sorry Don't Make It So|n Your Toast?|
What About That Thing in Your Toast?

Beware of Abandoned Rental Trucks|cks|
Watch Out for Abandoned Rental Trucks

House of Pain|y BOOM-STICK!|
Watching for my BOOM-STICK!

One Hit Wonder|Floor; Population You|
Welcome to the Floor; Population You

All For Chargin' is kind of odd. If it's short for a phrase like "All For Chargin', Raise Your Hand", shouldn't it have a question mark at the end?

'Insignificant, Marge' kinda fits the level 'Nuke And Pave', because it has lots of wide open spaces, which might make you feel insignificant in the vastness of the level.

'Watching for my BOOM-STICK!' is kind of an odd name. It makes more sense to say 'Watch out for my BOOM-STICK!' or something like that. However, I have a theory. Because of how fast we run in Marathon, when you meet another player running the opposite direction around the outer circle, you tend to run straight into them at high-speed. A jumpy player might be wielding an AR or Rocket Launcher and end up blasting themselves and the enemy. Thus, it makes sense for a player to watch their 'Boom-Stick'. The exclamation mark might mean that whoever's saying this is angry, probably because they learned it the hard way and are kinda angry it happened. ;)

Mi Level Names:

Aye Mak Sicur|opia|
Aie Mak Sicur|opia|
Vulcan|s Ship|opia|
P'thia's Ship|opia|
Pfhactory N'Utopia

Duality|e Twist Flops|
Where the Twist Flops

Hard Impact

Return to Waldo|a|
Waldo World Arena

Son of Grendel|rch in Venice, Italy|
Bagged Again|l|rch in Venice, Italy|
Delusions of Grandeur|...|ce, Italy|
A Converted Church in Venice, Italy

Mars Needs Women|ujeres|
Marte Necessita Mujeres

Fortress Lh'owon|s W. Front|
All Quiet on Bob's W. Front

The name "P'thia's Ship" is really a rough guess. I saw the |s Ship| and immediately thought "Hmm, who's ship?" Then I realized that P'thia fit perfectly. This appears to be the only reference to S'pht mythology outside of M2's and Mi's terminals.

The name 'Hard Impact' certainly fits the level Thrud; if you jump down to the bottom floor from one of the high up places, it would certainly be a hard impact and not a soft one.


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