4 gemstones...and a bug!
Posted By: EarthtopusDate: 2/29/12 8:31 p.m.

my e-mail from Ron enclosed below:
(tl;dr four gemstones is a bug, max treasure seems to be 943.4 with two gemstones)

"It was sheer luck that I saw your message. I was checking my Junk mail folder for something else that was tardy enough that I feared it might have been mis-sorted, and the "Pathways Into Darkness" subject line happened to catch my eye. As you say, I don't like it when people try to take a public conversation private, and mail sent to ... gets summarily junked. In this case I don't mind. The post you're referring to is so old it hardly counts as a "conversation" any more, and I'm always happy to talk about PiD.

As you guessed, I got the extra treasure points by getting 4 Alien Gemstones.

The first time I reached the end of OWEWS, I was pretty beat up and needed to rest. The room was empty (except for me) so I tried to rest right there. Unluckily, I got attacked in my sleep, and after dispatching the new foe saw another gemstone lying on the ground. Now I *really* needed to rest, and tried again. Same thing. Another monster attacked me in my sleep, I dispatched it, and there was a third gemstone. I suspected this was more than mere bad luck, and tested that by trying yet again to rest. After that experiment, I had four Alien Gemstones, but not enough health left to try again. I stepped through the teleporter hoping that I would have a chance to rest in whatever horrible place it took me. Even so, it was a hassle to get all four gemstones out, since the Lead Box will only hold one.

I've since gone back and tried it again. Apparently, it was a bug that was squashed in a later update. The trick doesn't work any more. The game used to give you an Alien Gemstone when you killed the last critter on the 12th round of OWEWS. They were assuming the last critter would always be the Alien God, since he's invulnerable till then. But sleeping on OWEW *always* generates a new monster. I've looked at the disassembled code, and see that they now check that the critter you just killed was, in fact, the Alien God (which is really of species "Stalker") before giving you a gemstone.

Thanks for the link to the discussion on the bungie forum. I'll check it out."

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