Re: Don't Get Poisoned
Posted By: GodotDate: 2/13/12 12:42 a.m.

In Response To: Don't Get Poisoned (Earthtopus)

: And the Greater Nightmares are immune to most forms of physical weapon--but
: not my tired old Orange Crystal. Right out of the teleporter one pop with
: that freezes the beast allowing you to back up in the square you're in
: (you appear to move back through the teleporter but since you stay in the
: same sector you don't retrigger it) allowing you a brief moment in which
: to safely blast him.

Thanks for this tip for taking out the Greater Nightmare. I didn't think you could get the drop on him. But crystals are quick (kinda obvious now that you think of it). Is this the only crystal that will do the job?

I'll add this tip to the PID page.


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